A helping history - a history of helpers

Lydia, Don Freeman's late wife, was a very warm-hearted, caring philanthropist who supported many worthwhile causes throughout her life. Among these was a pilot project directed by Dr. Nora Mindell in Zurich, Switzerland, offering psychotherapeutic care for children with cancer while performing research on how this grave illness manifests itself in the psyche - a novel approach unheard of 30 years ago.

Lydia observed its progress on site when she moved to Switzerland and thereby met the best-known excpert of C. G. Jung's analytical psychology, Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz, who had lectured for many years at the renowned C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich and had also trained Dr. Mindell. Upon the encounter of these three women, Lydia founded The Marie-Louise von Franz Institute for Studies in Synchronicity in Zurich (Synchronicity is a term defined by C. G. Jung to describe the relationship between psyche and soma). To provide the funds for the Institute, Lydia subsequently founded the Lydia Freeman Charitable Foundation and donated the rights to the Corduroy books to it.

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