Lydia spent her last years in Switzerland. This is why her heart attached to a charity in Zurich in which she witnessed the work done first hand. This cross-boarder setup with the LFCF in the US and the MLFI in Switzerland is not supported by the IRS which is why the LFCF cannot receive direct, tax-deductible contributions in the US. Instead, here are a few possibilities to help Corduroy give back:

Contributions made in the USA by Private Foundations or Public Charities

The MLFI is equivalent to an American public charity according to the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). Please contact us and request information for 'direct foreign grants.'

Contributions made in the USA by individuals

Private donations made directly to the Lydia Freeman Charitable Foundation are not tax deductible in the US due to the IRS' limitations on supporting foreign organizations. However, donations can be made to support the foundation's beneficiary, MLFI. MLFI is audited by the Swiss Federal Department of the Interior and is a member of the American Fund for Charities. Contributions made to the American Fund for Charities can be recommended to the MLFI. Please fill in the requested information into the Donor Form and send the form to the given address together with your contribution. You can also make an online contribution*.

Please note the conditions for transfer. Your contribution is fully tax-deductable.

*For online donations, please use the following information:
Charity Name: The M.-L. von Franz Institute; Address: Spyristrasse 7;
City: Zurich; ZIP Code: CH-8044; Country: Switzerland;
Contact Email:; AFC-Number: 649

Please contact us if you have a question.

Contributions made in Switzerland

Both the Swiss federal and cantonal governments have officially recognized MLFI’s important societal contributions as support-worthy. Thus contributions made are tax exempt in Switzerland.

Beneficiary: The von Franz Institute, CH-8044 Zuerich, Switzerland
IBAN: CH31 0025 1251 8018 24M2 R (International Bank Account Number)
SWIFT-BIC: UBSWCHZH80A (Bank Identifier Code)